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Remind Date

YAD's general meeting on Sunday, April 12, 2015 at 2pm.

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 Interpreter Workshop
Cinco de Mayo party
      May 2, 2015
      Hawaii party
      June 13, 2015
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Election 2015 Officers

President Karen McGee
Vice President Carol Baim
Treasurer Esther Fisher
Asst. Treasurer vacant
Secretary Michele Warren
1st Trustee Elissa Clark
2nd Trustee John Pendlebury
3rd Trustee Robert Baim
Board of Governor Richard Clark
Board of Governor Heather Gutshall
Board of Governor vacant


Hi, I am the president of YAD and my name is Karen McGee.

Welcome to YAD(York Association of the Deaf).  We have been here since 
1938 and we are located in York, PA.  Be sure to click on History to learn 
more about how YAD was founded.

We are excited to put information about our deaf club on the web.  
Now it will be easier for you to learn more about our deaf club and our 
events. I feel it is important that we keep our deaf community together. 
There is no other place in York where you can go and see signing 
hands and feel part of a group.

See you at the YAD club!


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